A blog! Why?

Here I am ….the traveller and photographer who mostly is balancing to be just the daughter/wife/mother/friend.

Anyone who knows me, knows I talk too much. I can talk for both of us when you want to have a conversation. And if you don’t know me yet, you will hopefully soon ….after reading this!Thats why I thought a blog sounds cool….I can keep talking about what’s on my mind and don’t even have to listen to you till I get to the comments section!

On a serious note ( yes…I do get serious  too sometimes), I like to call myself a newbie photographer ( I like that state of being forever new!)…..and I am always learning new amazing things about photography from my friends/books/websites and google. And I am always thankful for how easy it is to apply these simple things to my photography and become better every time. Here’s my attempt to try to share the same with you….my learnings!

This blog is not for you to read if you are an established learned wise photographer…..you will learn nothing except how much I don’t know!

Looking forward to reading your comments 🙂



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