The stunning gorgeous snow all around me!

Just came back from an awesome trip to Gulmarg, Kashmir..never seen snow before so you can imagine the euphoria !Seriously….it’s a must do destination in winters in India. And guess what I learnt while making images there?!

  1. Remember the foggy glasses every time you go from an AC car outside? Imagine the same thing but in greater degree….almost freezing snowy day to warm heated hotel rooms! And guess who is going to suffer this time? Not only your glasses but your poor expensive lens! It can not only fog your lens but left like that, can do much greater damage. So the trick is to put your camera in a Ziploc and seal it….before entering the hotel room ( you can take the card out….you will not have patience to wait for seeing the images on a bigger screen I know)…and then let the camera warm up slowly to the room temperature over a couple of hours . You only need to do this while going from cold to hot ( funnily enough, this also happened to me when I went from a cold AC room to warm summer day in Varanasi!) Just don’t forget to bring your freezer bags.
  1. You might be over excited and wanting to shoot like crazy but you can barely hold the camera with those thick snow gloves…and definitely not press any button. So what do we do…take off the gloves and shoot right? Ha ha….give it a try…I did! You will freeze in no time! Trick…wear at least two layers…a pair of silk or thin woolen gloves to be work while shooting and then wear oyur thick gloves on it the rest of the time. That way you will not only get to actually shoot when you want but also have your fingers survive the cold….
  1. The beautiful white snow all around you is beautiful for your eyes….and horribly confusing for your cameras eyes…and you will end up with underexposed images. Do remember to increase the exposure manually …and you will have gorgeous image
  1. Remember the big cool looking hood that came with your camera lens? Use it for this trip if not always….on a bright sunny day surrounded by snow all around, lens flare can look really ugly on your images!

If any of this still sounds confusing to you, please drop me a note…and will try my best to help….and trust me when I say this…no question is silly…and you can’t be sillier than I have been!


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