How to make the Sun look good in your photograph

When a child draws the Sun, he makes a circle and draws pokey rays coming out of it from all directions. However when we shoot the same Sun, it looks like a bright patch of light in most images. I want to share a trick for making your Sun look like you draw it….with a lot pokey rays all around it!

Pic1-Ordinary Sun

A sun flare or starburst is an incredibly cool photographic technique and one that is easy to achieve without any special post-processing or editing tricks.

All you have to do is shoot at a small apertutre ( So for my dear auto mode shooting friends, turn your dial to Av or A mode, and turn the knob to show you f22).Thats all. And see the magic. You will see your Sun imidiately changing to the one in the second picture!

Pic2-Gorgeous Sun

You can do the same street lights and any bright source…..its super fun! And yes, I always don’t remember this ( how else will I have picture 1!)

Have fun!


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