Composition issues? Try this in Lightroom!

This is a super cool trick cropping in Lightroom. Remember all the composition rules you learnt but forget will shooting/ cropping? You saviour is the Crop Overlay tool. To activate it, select the Crop Tool in the Develop module then go to the menu and select Tool – Crop Guide Overlay. There you will see a number of different overlays based around common compositional rules such as thirds, golden ratio and golden spiral. Selecting one will display the overlay on the picture allowing you to crop to that composing rule.

Golden Spiral

Golden Spiral

Menu---Tools---Crop Guide Overlay

Menu—Tools—Crop Guide Overlay

Golden Spiral

Golden Ratio

Try it ….you will all of a sudden find it easier to follow these rules in post at least.

Btw, any feedback on the new bright and shiny 🙂


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