Green images of the Blue city?

So writing after long…loads of travels and vacations and happy times! And this post is related to that !

When ever I travel to a new city, I read up like crazy….look at photographs and am mentally already there. This is a very very exciting part of my pre travel happiness and is usually fun . It sets the mood for places I want to run to when I reach the new city ( Most of the time it is only certain limited hours available during client shoots . Even for vacations, the focus is always on family and I choose to take out very limited time to shoot alone for pleasure!).

The not-so-good part is ….it conditions you what to expect in that place . And so maybe you are a little less creative and more conditioned. The super good part is….it is not true at all what I wrote in the last line because things change!

Lemme explain. I land in Jodhpur and get a couple of hours to walk around and enjoy the place .And of course where do I go ?…it is the blue city right?! But once I went to the old city and started walking around imagining all blue coloured houses with gorgeous traditional dressed women sitting and waiting for me to catch the lovely candids! Ok…if not that atleast men in traditional turbans? Trust me…I saw none! The houses were 50% blue….rest were pink, brown,yeloow, green ( It’s a democracy remember?). And the people around were mostly dressed like you would have in normal cities. So what do you do?



You improvise. Even if you want to shoot the blue city, its OK to have a green image! It was fun nonetheless. The lesson learnt was….don’t over prepare ….just enjoy the place and even if you get a few shots you love, you are home !





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